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G Suite for Education is a suite of tools that can help you increase opportunities for critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity, all while supporting the learning objectives that you have for your students.

Requirements for G Suite for Education

G Suite for Education provides G Suite Business features for free to primary schools in Ireland. To qualify for G Suite for Education, your school must be identifiable from the following online resource:

G Suite for Education tools are:

  • free,
  • ad-free,
  • reliable,
  • and secure.

These tools are already used by millions of students in schools around the world. Of course, free is great, but the best thing is that these tools are relevant to students, easy to use, and open doors to many new ways to learn.

What Applications are in the Core Services?

G Suite for education

    • 24/7 Access
    • One Login for EVERYTHING!
    • Collaborative
    • Use on Any Device/Cross Platform

How to set up G Suite for Education

Google provides step-by-step details on how to get started:

In case you don’t feel confident enough or able to follow the slightly technical jargon, North Star Computers can assist you and your school in signing up for Gsuite for Education.

  • If you do not have a G Suite account, go to the G Suite for Education signup form
  • You will need a domain name ( what is a domain name? ) which will need to be verified with Google
  • You will need access to the control panel of your hosting account as mx records need to be changed ( what are mx records? ) so that your school emails are routed through google servers
  • You will need to wait 14 days for your trial to be over before you can use Gsuite in full, and during the trial period only 10 email addresses are allowed.

Once the trial period is over, and Google is satisfied you are a qualifying institution for Gsuite, you will receive a welcome email to the service and you can then start to assign email addresses to your staff and start using this great service.

The G Suite core services are the main items of the suite, and you will find these are probably where you spend the bulk of your time. Each one of these can be managed and enabled/disabled through the admin console. (Ex: Some schools choose to use a different email program and will disable Gmail for their users.) The core services include:

Google Classroom: a free application designed to help students and teachers communicate, collaborate, organize and manage assignments, grade and give feedback, go paperless, and much more!

Gmail: a free, web-based email platform that offers SPAM protection and is completely ad-free in G Suite for Education accounts.

Google Drive: Google Drive allows you to store your files securely and access them from any device, as well as create, open and edit your files. You have UNLIMITED storage space with G Suite for Education.

Google Calendar: a free, web-based calendar platform that is completely ad-free in G Suite for Education accounts.

Google Vault: Google Vault lets you retain, hold, search, and export your organization’s mail and chat messages. You can also search and export your organization’s files in Google Drive. (Free for G Suite for Education)

Google Docs: a free, web-based word processing tool that allows you to create and edit documents online and collaborate in real-time.

Google Sheets: a free, web-based spreadsheet tool that allows you to create and edit spreadsheets online and collaborate in real-time. It is great for data analysis and organization.

Google Forms: Google Forms is a free, web-based form tool that allows you to create forms, surveys, and quizzes that collect response information in real-time.

Google Slides: a free, web-based presentation tool that allows you to create and edit presentations online.

Google Sites: a free and easy way to create and share websites and web pages.

Google Hangouts: a free communication and collaboration tool for text chats, video calls, and screen sharing.