Apple Repair Clare Galway Limerick: North Star Computers offers fast, safe and cost effective Apple computer repair solutions.

Get a repair for your Apple computer that also future proofs your investment: have us advise you on how an SSD drive can benefit your machine!

While performing an Apple repair we can install a newer operating system ( Mac OS X- various versions- depending on existing hardware\CPU architecture).

What is the cost?

Apple repairs may include:

  • LCD screen sostitution
  • Power connection issues
  • Touch pad and keyboard repair
  • Performance/slow to boot issues
  • Viruses/Trojan horses/worms/malware removal
  • Hardware and software cleanup
  • Email and internet connection issues
  • Hard drive replacement
  • Ram modules replacement
  • Motherboard replacement
  • Optical drive replacement

  • We charge a fixed hourly rate of 75€ + VAT per hour for general maintenance jobs, excluding the purchase of parts.
  • What we can do:
    • perform a hardware and\or software clean up of your machine.
    •  provide hardware upgrades to increase existing performance.
    •  offer as fast a turnaround as possible.
    • offer a free evaluation service where we evaluate and determine the precise cause of the problems along with all costs (including parts) within one working day of receipt of the machine.
    • source and price parts for most Apple laptop and desktop computers including and not limited to:
Apple Repair Clare Galway Limerick Ennis

MacBook Air 13″ (Mid 2013-Early 2014) 1.4 GHz Logic Board – Used

From €250.00 + fitting ( subject to availability of parts)

MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, PowerBook, iBook—iMac, Mac Pro, Power Mac

Please note that from iMac Intel 27″ EMC 2546 onwards North Star Computers does not provide  any  hardware repair service due to the way the display glass is secured to the case of the iMac. It is simply too risky and awkward to be economically rewarding…

As for or Macbook Air or Pro screens we only provide a full screen assembly replacement. Again, there is a risk involved in removing the glass pane in front of the LCD and it is very easy to pierce a working LCD screen with shards of the glass pane while trying to remove it.

  • Once we receive the go ahead and have approval to proceed we can usually repair the machine within one working day, subject to availability of parts (most of our suppliers deliver within a 24 hour period).
  • No work is carried out with additional charges without fully explaining and clearing it first with the customer. We always look for the most cost effective solution and aim to provide an optimally priced solution.
  • All machines are thoroughly tested and burned in to detect any other different issues before releasing them back to the customer.

Price of screen is to be determined according to screen size, LCD or LED etc. You are welcome to provide your own  replacement screen if you wish.