School ICT Services Clare Galway Limerick: How do we support your school?

North  Star Computers offers the following services to primary and secondary schools :

  • Full network survey in your school – identify current strengths and weaknesses and optimize existing resources
  • Buy ICT maintenance  hours as you need them, or choose a tailored contract that suits your need

ICT Equipment for schools

Our ICT solutions for schools take into account the devices that don’t normally feature in the commercial sector, such as interactive whiteboards and projectors.

We strive to provide you with the latest technology news and developments so you can future proof your ICT equipment.

We also offer set up and support for the following school IT services:

  • Touchscreen Panels
  • Network hard drives and printers
  • Internal Email
  • Laptop computers – Mac and Windows
  • Desktop computers – Mac and Windows
  • Wi-Fi installation
  • Wired network installation
  • Network point in classrooms
  • School website design and population with full training provided for staff to keep the website up to date
  • Implementation of Google G Suite within your school
  • Teacher training and support
  • Procurement planning and standardisation of ICT equipment
  • Older computers disposed of environmentally
  • A high speed and reliable network to all areas of the school
  • All computers connected to the network facilitating access to online and locally based resources
  • Technical support factored into procurement planning
  • All equipment procured with appropriate warranty
School ICT Services Clare Galway Limerick Ennis

Scheduled maintenance visits

As part of the range of ICT support options that we offer, North Star Computers can schedule regular onsite visits for maintenance checks and to troubleshoot any issues that might have happened since the last visit.

These visits are usually conducted on weekly or monthly basis but we are happy to change the frequency of these visits to suit your school’s needs.
These regular visits help to keep your network running smoothly as well as enabling you to form a better working relationship with your engineer.

We have found that this personal attention results in increased staff knowledge and reduced system downtime.

Many of the schools we work with have a designated IT liaison teacher as a point of contact. The teacher very often has a list of items that we are asked to go through during our scheduled visit.

These items may include:

  • checking of email quotas, when the school has their own domain
  • setting up of email addresses for new teachers or subsitutes – G suite or own domain webmail
  • making sure the Secretary’s computer is in full working order (most important role in the school!)
  • making sure network connectivity is in full working order – printers, network drives, network based software, servers etc