WiFi in schools

WiFi in SchoolsClarification regarding WiFi in Schools

( As per this page from the NCTE website: https://www.pdsttechnologyineducation.ie…/Wifi-in-Schools-10-1-2013-.pdf)

“A correspondence regarding the use of WiFi in schools was recently issued by a third party organisation, possibly to all schools and without our prior knowledge. This has resulted in confusion among schools in relation to potential risks of using Wi-Fi and wireless networking in schools. The Department of Education and Skills would like to inform you of the up to date position from the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government (DECLG), www.environ.ie , which has a specific responsibility in this area.”

Wifi in Schools (10-1-2013) – pdf document

North Star Computers is aware that parents, teachers and principals may have concerns about having WiFi transmitters in classrooms. If WiFi is needed, it can be placed as away as possible from children and teachers by using PoE technology whereby the WiFi Access Point is powered by a network cable and as such it can be conveniently placed on the ceiling of the classroom thus reducing the exposure to the microwaves.