Projector Maintenance for Schools Clare Galway Limerick Ennis *

by Stefano Rizzo

You can find us at 32 Cluain Droichead, Sixmilebridge , Co. Clare. Tel. 087-2297449

Extend the life of your projector!

Projector maintenance is often overlooked in a school environment.

The life and performance of a DLP, video or data projector can be greatly extended through periodic cleaning, as recommended by the manufacturer.

What is the cost?

A full service of a projector costs 55€ + VAT.

  • Always be aware of the temperature your projector is operating at and try to avoid placing the projector directly in the path of sunlight or directly next to a heat source.
  • Long-term damage can be incurred by operating the projector below 40 degrees or above 90 degrees. Furthermore, the majority of manufactures do not cover these damages under their warranties.
  • If you mount the projector on the ceiling ensure that the projector is not directly next to a heat vent or an air conditioning unit. The last thing you want is more heat around the projector than it is already producing itself.
  • Unchecked filters and lamps are the main areas in projector maintenance and significantly reduce the life expectancy and performance of the machine.

North Star Computers can provide clients with significant value for money as the life of the unit can be doubled with proper projector maintenance and attention.

We offer a scheduled low-cost, professional projector cleaning service that includes:

  • Filter cleaning
  • Full diagnostics check ( if and when available)
  • Lamp life report
  • Check all functions
  • Check the colour and contrast on the screen with pattern generation ( if and when available)
  • Projector housing clean

Please note that we only service DLP and new LCD projectors.

Old type LCD units are not serviced any more by North Star Computers.

If you are not sure as to what type of projector you have please email us with the make and model and we will let you know if we can service it or not.


* For areas other than those listed above please contact us to discuss details and requirements.

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