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by Stefano Rizzo

You can find us at 32 Cluain Droichead, Sixmilebridge , Co. Clare. Tel. 087-2297449

What is the cost?

The charge for fitting or replacing a laptop screen is 35 € + VAT.
You are also welcome to provide your own sourced screen , if you wish , and we will fit it for you for only 35 € + VAT.

Example of laptop screen prices:


Screen SizePrice
10″ LED Screensfrom 65€
10.1″ LED Screensfrom 60€
11.6″ LED Screensfrom 73€
13.3″ LED Screensfrom 70€
14″ LED Screensfrom 66€
15.6″ LED Screensfrom 66€
16″ LED Screensfrom 190€
17″ LED Screensfrom 125€
17.3″ LED Screensfrom 103€


How does it work?

A laptop screen replacement does not mean having to buy from the manufacturer of the laptop. Many manufacturers use screens from just a few reputable companies like Samsung Electronics, LG Philips, AU Optronics and others.

For this reason, using a third party to replace a laptop screen is much cheaper than asking the manufacturer of the laptop.

Please note that third party doesn’t mean a cheap clone or “compatible” unit. The screens we supply are branded original parts.
We can also repair or replace other parts related to the screen like an inverter or a backlight unit, or support brackets and hinges.

When faults are determined to be with the electronic components on the display panels, North Star Computers is able to repair or replace the faulty electronics – subject to availability of the electronic components – thereby refurbishing the panel back to working condition.

We offer a free evaluation service where we evaluate and determine the precise we offer a free evaluation service where we evaluate and determine the precise cause of the problems along with all costs (including parts) within one working day of receipt of the machine.

Once we receive the go ahead and have approval to proceed we can usually repair the machine within one working day, subject to availability of parts (most of our suppliers deliver within a 24 hour period).

No work is carried out with additional charges without fully explaining and clearing it first with the customer.
We always look for the most cost effective solution and aim to provide an optimally priced solution.


* For areas other than those listed above please contact us to discuss details and requirements

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